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Providers can get instant access to:

  • Patient eligibility
  • Benefit information
  • Precertification requirements
  • Claims tracking - from initial submission to final resolution
  • Detailed EOB and remittance information
  • Payment details

Benefit and Claim Access

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Claims Submission Process

Electronic Claims Submission

Assurant Health contracts with a number of primary networks that can be identified by the appearance of the network's logo in the lower left-hand corner on the left-half of a member's medical insurance ID card. Please be sure to review the back of that ID card for the most current claim submission process.

To submit claims electronically*, please contact Emdeon to submit claims for the following Assurant Health Payer IDs:

Assurant Health Payer IDs:

  • Time Insurance Company — 390658730
  • Union Security Insurance Company — 704080001
  • John Alden Life Insurance Company — 410999752

*If you see an Aetna Signature Administrators PPO logo on the front of the member's medical ID card, please submit claims electronically through the HealthSmart clearinghouse using Payer ID 58730.

Assurant Health Supplemental Dental Payer ID: ASHC1

For additional information, please contact the Assurant Health EDI Services Department at

Claims Submission by Mail

Please refer to the back of the Insured's ID card for claims submission information. If you do not have a copy of this ID card, you may contact the appropriate department listed below.

Individual Medical Customer Service Phone Numbers
  • John Alden Life Insurance Company: 800-553-7654
  • Time Insurance Company: 800-553-7654

Small Group Customer Service Phone Numbers
  • John Alden Life Insurance Company: 800-328-4316
  • Time Insurance Company: 800-743-8463
  • Union Security Insurance Company: 800-444-6254

Assurant Health Supplemental Dental Customer Service
: 866-387-0484

Specialty Products (Student Select/Short Term) Customer Service: 800-800-2412

Assurant Health General Phone Number: 800-800-1212

Nationally Contracted/Ancillary Service Providers

Please refer to the Assurant Health Claims Guidelines for mailing instructions. If you need further assistance, please contact your National Contracts Representative.

Assurant Health Supports HIPAA Transactions

Assurant Health currently supports the exchange of the following HIPAA transactions with our providers. Assurant Health follows the standard operating rules defined by Phase I, I and III of the CAQH\CORE requirements. Visit Diagonal Arrow for more information.
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Real-time transactions

Assurant Health supports the exchange of real time based eligibility, benefits and claims status transactions under the Affordable Care Act.

Companion Guides
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Health Care Services Review - Request for review and response

Electronic Remittance and EFT transactions

Assurant Health supports the electronic remittance and EFT transaction through our business affiliate Emdeon. To receive electronic remittance or payment from us, enroll with Diagonal Arrow.

Companion Guide
835 Health Care Claim Payment Advice PDF Icon
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  • Benefit and Claim Activity

    Log in to Assurant Health's provider website for benefit and claim activity.

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  • Payment Transaction

    Assurant Health supports electronic remittance and EFT transactions through Emdeon.Contact Emdeon for payment transaction details. Diagonal Arrow

  • Assurant Health Access

    Have questions on our Assurant Health Access Fixed-Benefit plan?

    Review Fixed-Benefit FAQs PDF Icon

For information on submitting electronic remitance and payment transactions to Assurant Health,
please enroll with Emdeon. Diagonal Arrow or call Emdeon at 877-469-3263

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