Health Insurance Options for Students

Know your options when you're on your own.

Get the protection you need when you're exploring your own path as a college student.

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Understand your options as a student

If you're going to school somewhere that offers a student health plan or you're in a position to continue to be covered by your parent's health insurance, you may want to look into those options first. For many, though, those options may not be available.

If any of the below apply to you, you may want to consider getting a health plan of your own:

  • Your school doesn't offer a student health plan
  • The student health plan offered by your school doesn't fit your budget, or doesn't provide the benefits you need
  • You're under 26, but your parents don't have health insurance or can't afford to keep you on their health insurance
  • You're going back to school (or newly attending) and you're over the age of 26
  • You need to find health insurance for you and your kids while you're in school

How do I apply for a major medical plan?

Outside open enrollment, major medical insurance plans are only available when you have a qualifying life event and are eligible for a 60-day special enrollment period.1 Examples include (but are not limited to):
  • Losing health coverage because you just turned (or will soon turn) 26
  • Losing health coverage for other reasons, like your parent's job-based health insurance (that you were listed as a dependent on) is no longer being offered
  • Other qualifying life events like you got married, had a baby or moved to another state

Learn more about qualifying life events

If you're eligible for a major medical plan, you can get a quote today and compare plans and pricing in your area.

Also keep in mind that many students may be eligible for a catastrophic-level major medical plan. If you're younger than 30 or have a hardship exemption, these plans may be available. Catastrophic-level plans typically have a lower monthly premium than other major medical plans, a $6,600 deductible and three in-network primary care visits covered at 100% before meeting your deductible.

Learn more about major medical plans or get a quote to see plans and pricing for your situation.

Plan options that don’t require a qualifying life event

Regardless of whether or not you have a qualifying life event outside open enrollment, you can still get access to temporary coverage with a short term medical plan.2 You may have to pay a tax penalty, and these plans don’t cover preventive services or pre-existing conditions. For some, though, a short term medical plan may be the only way to get access to health insurance outside open enrollment.

Learn more about short term medical plans

Additional considerations for students looking for coverage

Do you qualify for financial assistance?

If you’re eligible for a major medical plan outside open enrollment, then you can check to see if you’d also qualify for financial assistance, in the form of a subsidy, with these plans. If you do qualify, you can talk to an Assurant Health sales expert who can help you apply for a subsidized plan on the Marketplace.

See if you qualify for a subsidy now

Do you qualify for government programs like Medicaid or CHIP?

These are programs that can provide health coverage to individuals and families with low incomes. You can check your eligibility for these programs at Diagonal Arrow.

Do you need coverage for any current or ongoing health conditions?

Major Medical plans cover all pre-existing conditions and are guaranteed issue which means everyone is guaranteed coverage regardless of their health status. 

Learn more about major medical plans

Short term medical plans do not cover any pre-existing conditions. Also, if you apply for a short term medical plan, you’ll be subject to medical underwriting. However, these plans may be an affordable option.

Learn more about short term medical plans

Learn more about the plan options available to you as a student

  • Talk to an Assurant Health sales expert: Learn more about the plan options available to you and get help finding one for your needs and budget. Call 800-647-9094
  • See plans and pricing now: Get a quote to see plans and pricing available to you right now.

Plan limitations and exclusions

Assurant Health plans include limitations and exclusions. As you select a plan, please check the specific benefits, limitations and exclusions listed as these may vary by state. To learn more about these plans, get a quote or talk to your agent.

  • In Nevada, major medical plans can be purchased year round without a qualifying life event. If you apply without a qualifying life event outside open enrollment, your coverage will begin on the first day of the month after 90 days from the date you applied.
  • Short Term Medical plans are not minimum essential coverage and do not cover preventive services or pre-existing conditions. If you need coverage for pre-existing conditions, you should consider COBRA or a major medical insurance plan that is minimum essential coverage.

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