How to Submit a Short Term Medical Prescription Claim

If you obtained a prescription medication at a pharmacy and would like to have it reviewed for reimbursement under you plan, mail us a copy of the prescription receipt from the pharmacy indicating the type of medication, Rx number, dollar amount and the date it was purchased. Remember to also include the policy number and policyholder's first and last name on the information that is mailed or faxed.

You can mail the receipt to:
Assurant Health
P.0. Box 2806
Clinton, IA 52733-2806

Or fax it to: 414-299-8987

Note: When a prescription drug is available under two or more names or manufacturers' packaging or when more than one drug may be used to treat a covered condition, the least expensive drug will be considered a Covered Expense under this certificate.

Covered Expenses are limited to a 30 day supply of each prescription drug per prescription order or refill, unless further limited by the drug manufacturer's packaging or the Health Care Practitioner's written prescription order.

Some exclusions may apply. See the exclusions section of your contract.