Using Your Drug Card for Traditional Medications

Prescription coverage through Assurant Health

Your coverage for outpatient drugs is provided through Assurant Health’s Prescription Drug Card Program, administered through CVS Caremark. This
drug card is easy to use and may offer you savings each time you fill a covered prescription online or at a retail pharmacy participating in the CVS
Caremark network.

To receive maximum benefits, a prescription must be:
  • Dispensed by a participating pharmacy
  • Processed on your CVS Caremark drug card

Use your CVS Caremark drug card at a local pharmacy

  • Present your card at your participating retail pharmacy each time a prescription is filled.
  • You will be charged the applicable copay or deductible, depending on your plan design, for up to a 30-day supply at a retail pharmacy. Some additional medications may have quantity limits, or may require pre-authorization before they qualify for coverage.
  • The pharmacy will transmit the prescription information to CVS Caremark. Any available prescription benefits are analyzed and a response is sent back to your pharmacist.
  • No claim forms are needed when you use your prescription drug card at a participating retail pharmacy.

Use your CVS Caremark drug card online

  • Start by registering at Diagonal Arrow
  • If utilizing the website you will need your CVS Caremark drug card ID number to complete the one-time registration process.

Other information regarding your CVS Caremark drug card

  • If you do not use the drug card or if you use a nonparticipating pharmacy, a record of your expenses will not automatically be maintained by CVS Caremark. You must then submit a pharmacy prescription receipt and a prescription drug claim form to CVS Caremark.1 This form may be obtained by calling Assurant Health’s Customer Service number located on the back of your ID card, or by logging into Diagonal Arrow and putting the cursor over "Understanding My Plan and Benefits" and then clicking "Make a Reimbursement Claim" in the right-hand column of the page.
  • Medications not covered under your Prescription Drug Card Program are listed in your insurance contract.
  • FDA-Approved Generic Drugs: Assurant Health considers benefits for covered generic drugs as a preferred first option.
  • Brand Name Drugs: If an FDA-approved generic drug is not available, Assurant Health considers benefits for covered brand name drugs. If a generic drug is available, but you or your physician chooses a brand name, you will be responsible for the difference in cost, in addition to other charges required by your plan.

Other resources for managing your prescriptions with CVS Caremark

Learn more about how specialty pharmaceuticals are covered (support for members with complex conditions)

Additional prescription resources

You can save on prescriptions when you take advantage of the cost savings through CVS Caremark. Read more about discounts on over-the-counter and mail order prescriptions.

  • Prescription claims that are mailed to CVS Caremark for processing are subject to the maximum allowable amount provision of your contract. If you are charged in excess of the maximum allowable amount, you will be responsible for the difference.

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