Your Prescription benefits

Learn more about the prescription benefits included with your health plan.

Get the most out of your prescription benefits

If you have an Assurant Health Major Medical plan, you can find more information about the prescription benefits included in these
plans using the resources listed below or by calling the number listed on your ID card.

Prescription Drug Guide

The 2016 prescription drug guide can help you find:

  • Generic, specialty, preferred brand and non-preferred brand drugs by category
  • Which drugs require preauthorization
  • The cost sharing on drugs that may be covered by your plan
View the 2016 prescription drug guide PDF Icon

Note: This drug list provides summary information and is subject to change. For a complete listing of benefits, exclusions and limitations, please refer to your plan benefit details.

Using your drug card for traditional medication coverage

Prescriptions that you typically fill through your local pharmacy are considered “traditional medication.” With these plans, your coverage for outpatient drugs is provided through Assurant Health’s Prescription Drug Card Program, administered through CVS Caremark.

Learn how to use your drug card for traditional medication coverage

Specialty pharmaceutical coverage

These are prescription drugs used to treat rare or certain chronic diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, cancer, hemophilia and hepatitis C. Usually, these are not dispensed at a local retail pharmacy. If you have a complex condition that requires a specialty pharmaceutical (a specialty medication) - you can maximize the benefits of your plan, by using Assurant Health's designated specialty pharmacy, CVS Caremark.

Learn more about specialty pharmaceutical coverage

Pharmacy preauthorization

Some prescriptions require preauthorization. Learn more about the process for getting your traditional medication or specialty pharmaceutical preauthorized.

Pharmacy preauthorization process

Prescription coverage for Short Term Medical plans

If you have a Short Term Medical plan, you can find more details about your plan’s prescription coverage within your plan documents, or by calling the phone number listed on your ID card.

Additional prescription resources

You can save on prescriptions when you take advantage of the cost savings through CVS Caremark. Read more about discounts on over-the-counter and mail order prescriptions.

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