Submitting Flu Shot and Other Immunization Claims

Note: Preventive services such as flu shots are not covered under the Short Term Medical plan.

Immunization provided by a doctor or nurse practitioner:

If you received your flu shot/immunization at your doctor's office or by a doctor or nurse practitioner inside a retail clinic, your provider will submit the claim directly to us. We will process the claim and reimburse the provider directly.   Once the claim is processed an Explanation of Benefits will be sent to you to confirm the processing of the claim.

Immunization provided by a pharmacist:

Flu shots and other Immunizations such as H1N1, pneumonia, chicken pox and MMR can be given by a pharmacist if your state allows.  If you receive an immunization by a pharmacist, the pharmacy will ask you to pay in advance; however, you can submit the claim to us for reimbursement.  

Note: The use of your prescription card (RX card) is not available for immunizations.

Submitting your claim is simple and easy. Here is what we need you to do;
1. Mail or Fax us a copy of your:
  • register receipt
  • itemized receipt (which includes the medication name and total charge)

2. Include your name and policy number on top of the receipt.
3. Mail or Fax to:

        Mailing Address:
        Assurant Health
        Po Box 2806
        Clinton, IA 52733-2806

        Fax Number: 608-741-4989

Once the documents are received, Assurant Health will process your claim according to your insurance plan benefits.  Any payments that may be owed will be sent directly to you.