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Major Medical

Network providers give you the most value for your health care dollar. You can save more by choosing doctors and hospitals within your network. Look for doctors or hospitals in your primary network.1
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Aetna Signature Administrators® PPO Network (ASA)

The ASA PPO Network provides broad network access to more than 1,000,000 doctors and 7,600 hospitals nationwide, including nationally recognized premier facilities.

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Fixed Benefit Plans

Find doctors in the First Health Network for Assurant Health Access plans.

Additional Services & Discounts on Major Medical Plans2

Note: To locate these facilities in the Aetna Signature Administrators® PPO Network, click here Diagonal Arrow.

In addition to your primary PPO network, Assurant Health offers you access to negotiated discounts from nationally based providers.3 All customers have access to these additional providers4, regardless of the network selected, but network benefits may not be available on all plans.

Note: Services & discounts exclude the Aetna Signature Administrators® PPO Network, unless otherwise mentioned. Visit Diagonal Arrow and use the DocFind® tool, to locate providers in the Aetna ASA network.

View providers for the following services:
Pre-authorization may be required for the services listed below.5 Before contacting providers for the following types of care, please call Assurant Health at the number listed on the back of your ID card (not required for Assurant Health Access® plans):

Understanding Preventive/Wellness Benefits of the new health care reform law6

Assurant Health Major Medical plans include benefits to help customers proactively maintain their health. This includes the set of new preventive/wellness benefits under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (i.e., the health care reform law).

To view the wellness benefits for your plan click on the appropriate link below. For further questions on preventive/wellness benefits please call 800-800-1212.
These external sites supply additional information on preventive/wellness but are not managed by Assurant Health

Flu Season

Questions to ask your doctor

Click the link below for questions you can ask your health care professional about your condition at your next office visit.

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Your prescription benefits through Assurant Health

Learn more about managing your prescription benefits through Assurant Health. We can help you understand traditional medication and specialty pharmaceuticals (including any preauthorization needed), how to use your drug card, and how to save more on your current or future prescription needs.

Learn more about your prescription benefits and how to save
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Small Business Major Medical Plans

Online tools and other resources for employer plans

Employers: Group Fully-Insured Plans

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Members: Group Fully-Insured Plans
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Short Term Medical (Temporary) Plans

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Understand Your Individual Major Medical Plan

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Submit Claims

Medical Claims
Medical claims may be submitted by your doctor, hospital or medical provider. Learn more

Pediatric Dental and Visions Claims
Pediatric dental and vision claims may be submitted by your provider. However, if you paid for the services, you may submit a claim. Learn more

Prescription Claims
Prescription claims may be submitted by your pharmacy. However, if you paid for the prescription without your insurance card, you may submit a claim form PDF Icon.7

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  • Please note that providers may move in and out of the network. Also, a hospital or clinic may use both in-network and out-of-network providers. To ensure your chosen provider is in network each time you seek care, verify the provider's participation by calling the network or visiting the network's website, listed on your medical ID card.
  • Assurant Health does not provide medical services. Network providers listed in this directory are solely responsible for the clinical judgments and treatment recommendations they make.
  • Coverage for services received from any provider is subject to the terms of your health care benefit plan, even if services are pre-authorized. Please refer to your policy for specific information on all terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations.
  • Some providers are not available to Assurant Health Access customers.
  • Pre-authorization may be required, but is not limited to, the services listed on this page.
  • Does not apply to Assurant Health Access or Short Term Medical plans.
  • Does not apply to Short Term Medical Plans.
  • Available for individual major medical and fixed benefit plans.
  • Available for individual major medical and fixed benefit plans.
  • Available for individual major medical and group fully-insured plans.
  • EOB for an Individual Major Medical Plan or Group Major Medical Fully Insured Plan

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