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You will enjoy significant cost savings and easy access to care when you use network doctors and hospitals in your area.

Select your state to identify the networks currently available in your area.

Please note that providers may move in and out of the network. Also, a hospital or clinic may use both in-network and out-of-network providers. To ensure your chosen provider is in network each time you seek care, verify the provider’s participation by calling the network or visiting the network’s website, listed on your medical ID card.

Out-of-Network Discounts

In the event your providers are not in your primary network, you can still receive discounts for services by choosing a provider that participates in Assurant Health's secondary networks. It's important to know that covered claims will be processed at your out-of-network benefit level. However, you'll save money through providers that offer these discount services.

Look on the back of your ID card for the logo in the lower right corner and click the corresponding logo below for a list of secondary network providers you may choose from:

First Health     Essential Community Providers
  • The network websites to which you will be linked are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of their websites. Be sure to verify your doctor is still in the network as the websites are not necessarily updated daily.