HIPAA Transactions

Assurant Health currently supports the exchange of the following HIPAA transactions with our providers:

  • 270/271 Health Care Eligibility Benefit Inquiry and Response
  • 276/277 Health Care Claim Status Request and Response
  • 278 Health Care Services Review - Request for Review and Response
  • 820 Payroll Deducted or Other Group Premium Payment
  • 834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance
  • 835 Health Care Claim Payment Advice
  • 837D Health Care Claim - Dental
  • 837I Health Care Claim - Institutional
  • 837P Health Care Claim - Professional

Assurant Health is preparing for the upcoming changes to the mandated 5010 HIPAA transactions. We look forward to working collaboratively with our trading partners to help facilitate the migration to the HIPAA 5010 transactions by December 2011. 

Assurant Health currently supports the following transactions through our clearinghouse:

HIPAA Transaction



For more information on submitting transactions to Assurant Health, please contact one of our clearinghouses:

Business Services:  http://www.emdeon.com/business_services.php *
Electronic Claims Resource Center:  http://transact.emdeon.com/*

Assurant Health Payer ID's:

  • Time Insurance Company — 390658730
  • Union Security Insurance Company — 704080001
  • John Alden Insurance Company — 410999752

Assurant Health supports the exchange of real-time based eligibility, benefits and claims status transactions under the Affordable Care Act. If interested, providers/health care professionals can enroll and register to participate in this exchange. Register to be a trading partner

For additional information, please contact the Assurant Health EDI Services Department at EDISERVE@assurant.com.

*These Web sites are not owned or affiliated with Assurant Health but are business affiliates of ours. This link is provided for your convenience only, and does not constitute a statement of endorsement, approval, affiliation or favoring of the external site. 

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