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Assurant Health Energy Conservation Efforts Result in Third Consecutive EPA ENERGY STAR® Certification
MILWAUKEE, Oct. 9, 2013 – Assurant Health has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® certification for the third consecutive year.

Certification indicates that a building performs in the top 25 percent of similar facilities nationwide for energy efficiency and meets EPA performance levels. An ENERGY STAR-certified facility uses less energy, is less expensive to operate, and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers.

“Receiving the EPA ENERGY STAR certification for the third time indicates that we are doing something positive for the environment, for the community and for our business,” said Assurant Health President and CEO Adam Lamnin. “We will continue to look for ways to save energy and reduce costs.”

Assurant Health has reduced electrical usage by 5.4 percent this year, on top of a 7.9 percent reduction in 2012, for a significant savings in the company’s utility bills.

Assurant Health first earned the ENERGY STAR® designation in 2011. Its Milwaukee headquarters, which the company has occupied since 1990, is the third Assurant facility to earn the ENERGY STAR certification. The prestigious designation has also been earned by an Assurant Specialty Property service center in Springfield, Ohio, and the Assurant Employee Benefits’ headquarters in Kansas City, Mo.

ENERGY STAR was introduced by the EPA in 1992 as a voluntary, market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. Today, the ENERGY STAR label can be found on various products as well as new homes and commercial and industrial buildings that meet strict energy-efficiency specifications set by the EPA.

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Sue Pierman
Assurant Health Media Relations Manager

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