Small Business Health Plans

For employers with 2-50 employees

Assurant Self-Funded Program

A health care financing solution

Gain control over health care expenses, and lower your health care costs now and for years to come, by putting a self-funded plan to work for your small business. With self funding — directly funding your group’s own claims — you pay only for the health care services your group actually uses. If your group’s claims expenses are relatively low, your overall savings can be significant.

The Assurant Self-Funded Program offers:

  • Predictable costs — your maximum self-funding cost for the year is determined up front, and it’s guaranteed, subject to enrollment and benefit changes
  • Asset protection — stop loss benefits protect your business’s assets, even if your group’s claims become larger than projected
  • Predictable cash flow — as long as you’ve paid your monthly bill, you won’t have to pay more in a given month than what you’ve planned for*

*Employer may be responsible for additional applicable state or federally mandated fees.

Where is the Assurant Self-Funded Program available?

The Assurant Self-Funded Program is available to employers whose primary location is in the following states:



How do I find out more?

Visit the Assurant Self-Funded Program website

Is this right for my business?

The Assurant Self-Funded Program could be for you if you have 5 to 50 employees and are ready to take control over your health care costs now and for years to come.

Call to quote 800-445-1703

The Assurant Self-Funded Program includes plan templates and stop loss coverage subject to limitations and exclusions. To learn more about specific plan benefits, renewability provisions, limitations and exclusions, talk to your agent or an Assurant Health representative by calling 800-445-1703.

*Assurant Health and its legal entities are not engaged in rendering tax or legal advice. If tax or legal advice is required, seek the services of a qualified professional.

The Assurant Self-funded Program provides tools for small-business employers to establish a self-funded health benefit plan for their employees. The benefit plan is established by the employer and is not an insurance product. Stop loss insurance for the self-funded plan is underwritten and issued by Time Insurance Company.


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