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With Assurant Health, you’ll find a variety of ways to save on medical expenses, no matter what type of plan you choose. To see which savings apply to your plan, view plan details when you get a quote for either of Assurant Health’s Fixed-Benefit or Major Medical insurance plans.

  • Network Discounts: These are savings that are built into a health plan when you take advantage of medical services within your network. This network will include a range of doctors, hospitals and other health care providers contracted to provide services to policyholders for less than their usual fees.1
  • Patient Care: Patient Care Advocates help you identify ways to save money on health care expenses. They’ll help you find physicians in your network, compare prices and quality ratings of doctors and facilities and educate you on ways to make the most of your plan’s benefits.2
  • Health Payment Advocates: Independent advocates at HPA can help you save money on outstanding medical bills by negotiating the amount you owe or by creating payment plans with your medical providers. HPA advocates also review bills for accuracy and ensure correct network discounts are applied. HPA is only available on Fixed-Benefit insurance plans.
  • Health Savings Account:3 A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-favored account that lets you save money to use for future health care costs. You can use these funds to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses or let them accumulate to supplement your retirement income. HSA's are only available on select Major Medical insurance plans.

An affordable health insurance plan depends greatly on your needs and budget. At Assurant Health, we have a wide variety of affordable health plans that not only give you access to the health care system, but also keep more money in your pocket through additional discounts.

Minimum Essential Coverage requirements vary by plan type. Get a quote to see how these requirements apply to specific plans.
1If you see a physician that is not a member of your network, those charges will be considered at the non-participating provider rate of payment. For Assurant Health plans, you’ll generally pay a higher fee if you use an out-of-network provider.
2Patient Care services are available to Assurant Health customers. These services are not part of the health insurance contract. Patient Care does not determine medical necessity or provide clinical advice. Patient Care services are an advanced level of customer service, are voluntary and may be discontinued at any time.
3Assurant Health and its legal entities are not engaged in rendering tax, investment or legal advice. Please see a qualified tax professional for tax advice.


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Fixed-Benefit Insurance

Plans that help pay for everyday health care needs with fixed benefits.

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Major Medical Insurance

Coverage for everyday medical expenses and “what ifs” like cancer, heart attack, accident or injury.

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Temporary Insurance

Choose from 30 to 360 days of short term insurance. Length of coverage available varies by state.

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