Major Medical Insurance Plans for Individuals and Families

Get the coverage you and your family need with a Major Medical plan. These plans are Minimum Essential Coverage and provide:

  • Many preventive services paid at 100% when you use doctors in your network1
  • No annual or lifetime dollar limits on hospitalization, emergency care, outpatient care, prescriptions and doctor visits
  • Coverage for everyone - regardless of health status
  • New benefits included in the health care reform law (Affordable Care Act)
  • Ways to make the most of your coverage, including access to independent advocates2 who help you navigate the health care system and compare costs

Individual coverage starting at:

  • $
  • 183
  • 57
  • /month

Family coverage starting at:

  • $
  • 367
  • 14
  • /month

Plans available during special enrollment

Outside open enrollment, you can purchase an Assurant Health Major Medical plan if you have certain life events (ex. loss of health insurance, marriage, birth or others) that give you a 60-day special enrollment period.3

If you do not have a qualifying life event or a state exception, you will not be able to purchase Assurant Health Major Medical coverage until the next open enrollment period. Enrollment starts November 15, 2014 for plans with effective dates starting January 1, 2015.

Note: Assurant Health is only selling Major Medical plans during open enrollment and special enrollment periods, except in Nevada.3 There may be other carriers that make these plans available all year.

Is Major Medical Insurance right for me?

Major Medical Insurance Plans

It can be if you are:

  • Self-employed
  • Not covered by your employer
  • Not offered affordable health insurance by your employer
  • Retiree not yet eligible for Medicare
  • Not employed and unsure when you'll get coverage

Choose the major medical plan that fits your needs:

We make it easy for you to find the coverage that meets your needs and budget by giving you a variety of options to choose from:

  • A range of premium options available
  • Various deductible and coinsurance levels
  • Plans with copay options for office visits and prescriptions
  • Broad networks of doctors and hospitals, including the Aetna Signature Administrators®
  • Health Savings Account (HSA) compatible plans available to help you realize tax savings4

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Get tax savings with a Health Savings Account4

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is an account where you can deposit pre-tax money. You can use the funds to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses or let them accumulate to supplement your retirement income.

  • The money deposited and the interest generated are sheltered from taxes
  • Withdrawals for qualified medical expenses are sheltered from taxes
  • Unused balances are yours to keep and roll over year to year
  • At age 65, you may withdraw money for non-medical expenses with no penalty, paying only retirement-level (typically lower) income taxes

Several of our plans are HSA eligible. Look for the HSA icon when you get a quote.

Plan Limitations and Exclusions

These plans include limitations and exclusions. See the general summary of plan limitations and exclusions for more information. If you live in Arizona, see Arizona-specific plan limitations and exclusions.

As you select a plan, please check the specific benefits, limitations and exclusions listed as these may vary by state. To learn more about these plans, get a quote or talk to your agent.

1 Preventive services recommended under the Affordable Care Act are paid at 100% when using in-network doctors; additional preventive services paid subject to deductible and coinsurance. Varies by state.
2 Patient Care is an independent advocacy service and may be discontinued at any time.
3 For Nevada residents: 2014 Major Medical plans can be purchased year round without a qualifying life event. If you apply without a qualifying life event, your coverage will begin on the first day of the month after 90 days from the date you applied.
4 Assurant Health does not provide tax or legal advice. Please see a qualified tax professional for more information.


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Health Care Reform

Assurant Health Major Medical plans are available during special enrollment when you have a life event (available year round in Nevada). Learn more about your plan options.

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