Fixed-Benefit Insurance for Individuals and Families

Affordable health insurance plans with
no deductible to meet.

How Assurant Health Access® plans work

Unlike Major Medical plans, Fixed-Benefit plans provide set benefits without first having to meet a deductible. You can choose any doctor you’d like, but when you use a First Health Network provider you’ll get access to network discounts.


Plans pay set benefits before you pay

Because there is no deductible to meet, Fixed-Benefit plans pay set benefits to help with medical expenses before you pay your bill. Review your plan details before seeking service so that you have a good understanding of what the plan will pay.

Example of how Assurant Health Access plans (Value and Fundamentals) pay for covered periods during which you receive medical services.1

Additional Savings

Want to get more out of your plan?

  • Visit retail clinics like Walgreens® or Take Care ClinicSM for your next doctor visit, when possible.

Plan Limitations and Exclusions

These plans pay set cash amounts to help with medical expenses (subject to calendar year maximums). These benefits are paid in specific amounts for covered periods without regard to the cost of services rendered. You may have amounts left to pay after your plan pays the fixed benefit.

Also, these plans do not meet Minimum Essential Coverage requirements and you may need to pay a tax penalty depending upon your income level and the cost of plans available. See if a tax penalty applies to your situation.

See the general summary of plan limitations and exclusions for more information. If you live in Arizona, see Arizona-specific plan limitations and exclusions.

As you select a plan, please check the specific benefits, limitations and exclusions listed as these may vary by state. To learn more about these plans, get a quote or talk to your agent.


Coverage is renewable provided there is compliance with the plan provisions, including dependant eligibility requirements; there has been no discontinuation of the plan or Assurant Health's business operations in this state; and/or you have not moved to a state where this plan is not offered. Assurant Health has the right to change premium rates upon providing appropriate notice.

1Plan benefits vary by state. Example provided for illustrative and educational purposes only. Medical claims are based on a nationwide average of 2013 Assurant Health Access claims data. Network discounts may vary. Your own situation and health cost may vary depending on many factors, including your health history and demographics.


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