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The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) is a not-for-profit organization that is committed to improving health care quality.  NCQA has developed quality standards and performance measures for a broad range of health care entities including physicians.  Currently there are four NCQA Physician Recognition Programs:  Diabetes Physician Recognition Program, Heart/Stroke Physician Recognition Program, Physician Practice Connections and the Back Pain Recognition Program.  In order to be certified for these programs, physicians must demonstrate that they meet the high-quality requirements that help patients receive the best care that meets their needs in order to improve and maintain their health. 

Consumers can use the NCQA Physician Certification Program to identify physicians in their area who have met the quality and performance requirements for a specific program.  These certified physicians are dedicated to preventing devastating complications, to preventing deterioration of health, to assisting patients to manage their own health, and to ensuring the best outcome for their patients.

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Assurant Health's PPO networks include many providers in the NCQA directory, but not all providers participate in all PPO Networks - please be sure to check to see if your doctor is in your network.

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