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Important news regarding Assurant Health

On June 10, 2015, Assurant Health’s parent company, Assurant, Inc., announced an exit from the health insurance marketplace to focus on housing and lifestyle specialty protection products and services. Assurant is winding down its major medical operations. Assurant is committed to providing a smooth process for our customers and will meet all claims and benefit commitments.
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On October 1, 2015, Assurant Health’s parent company, Assurant, Inc., announced it had completed the sale of certain assets and business lines to National General Holdings Corporation. National General has acquired Assurant Health’s existing supplemental and self-funded business lines.
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If you are a current Assurant Health major medical customer

You will receive a letter from us. You can continue to use your policy until the termination date noted in your letter. Assurant Health is committed to providing a smooth transition for our customers, and will meet all claims and benefit commitments as outlined in your policy. Please refer to your letter for additional details, and visit assuranthealth.com/nextsteps for more information.
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If you are looking for a health insurance plan

You can contact your insurance agent, or our sales partner, VelaPoint Insurance, an independent insurance broker offering a variety of health and supplemental insurance products, at 855-819-0594. You may also go to healthcare.gov Diagonal Arrow for more information, including information about your state's Marketplace plan options. Assurant Health no longer offers new sales of individual major medical plans, short term medical and employer fully insured plans.

If you're looking for Supplemental Coverage or a Self-Funded Program, these plans are still available for purchase. For information on Supplemental Coverage plans, please contact your insurance agent or our sales partner, VelaPoint Insurance, an independent insurance broker at 855-819-0594. For more information on Self-Funded Programs, call 877-225-5077.
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    Network providers and discounts

    Find quality doctors and hospitals in your area and receive savings when you seek treatment within your network.

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    Plan information/forms

    Log in or register to view your plan documents or Explanation of Benefits (EOBs). Take a health assessment or estimate treatment costs. Find claims forms.

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    Prescription coverage

    Learn more about coverage for traditional and specialty medication (covered on many plans), and locate a pharmacy near you.

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    Preventive services

    Learn more about preventive benefits available under the Affordable Care Act when you use doctors in your network.1

  • Preventive services recommended under the Affordable Care Act Diagonal Arrow are paid at 100% when using in-network doctors; some additional preventive services paid subject to deductible and coinsurance. Varies by state.

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